TwoBerries plantation prides itself on cultivating its crops on 10 ha of clean soil in the beautiful Oas County. The place in question is called Vama, and is the key point where our BIO blueberries are expediated in all corners of Europe after being sorted and packed. Our customers appreciate the quality and health coming directly from our pre-packed casseroles. Ardelean Romina Cristina II was founded in 2013 and the plantation itself was finished in 2015. The varieties cultivated here are Duke, for which the harvest season begins early in June, and Bluecrop, a variety which has to be harvested between July – August. Being one of the most productive plantations among all Fruitopia members, this plantation is equipped with cold storage facilities and a sorting and packaging line.


SUNNY BERRY is a brand of ANCAFINA SRL, a member of the FRUITOPIA Cooperative, owning 16 ha of cultivated land , thus representing the largest plantation surface in our cooperative . The plantation is located in a plain forest area, near the Danube, in Mehedinti County. Established in 2018, the plantation boasts 66,000 plants, mostly Duke variety which is perfectly adapted to the climate of the area. Harvesting starts early, from the first part of June onwards. The fruits can be stored directly at the plantation, in a refrigerated space, with a capacity of around 18 tons. Currently we plan to expand the plantation with another 30 ha of blueberry cultivation .


This plantation was founded in 2013 and is located in a prolific area for growing blueberries, at the base of the Fagaras mountains, in Brasov county. The plantation covers an area of ​​9 ha where it cultivated two distinct varieties of blueberries: Duke, which is harvested starting in early June, and Bluecrop, a later variety, harvested between July and August.


Located in Brasov county, the very heart of Romania, this plantation was established with the help of European project funding in 2014. The process lasted two years and cost over one million Euros, starting with land preparation, the construction of the water basins, the irrigation system the irrigation system and the plantation of the actual seedlings. On the almost 14 ha of plantation surface you will find almost exclusively Elliott, a variety which is harvested from mid-August until mid-September.


This plantation was founded recently, in 2019, and is located in Sibiu county. The plantation covers an area of 10 ha with only one variety of Duke blueberry crop planted and the harvesting season of this plantation will only begin in the third year of its existence.


Another quite young plantation, also founded in 2019, is covering an area of 9 ha and focuses mostly on Elliott, a variety which will be harvested from mid-August until mid-September. Afina Dulce plantation is also located in Brasov County, in an area fabled for its fertile soils. Since the plantation is quite young, we estimate that the first harvest season will be starting in three years from now.